Screenrights Resolution serves to assist Screenrights members with their resolution of competing claims, if and when they arise. In most cases, our members are able to resolve a competing claim between themselves. However, there are times where further assistance may be required.

Screenrights Resolution offers a range of resolution pathways to assist in these circumstances.


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About Screenrights

We are the not-for-profit collecting society for the Australian and New Zealand screen industry. We collect license fees from the use of broadcast programs and distribute royalties back to the rights holders. Screenrights’ licences cover use of programs by educational institutions, government and by retransmission by services such as subscription TV.

Becoming a member and registering your programs is free – you can sign up here.  

For more information, you can watch the video on the right or contact our Member Services team directly.

Meet the Resolution Team

Our Resolution Team are experienced in handling competing claims on behalf of our members and will provide you with the best possible advice on how to approach yours.

Kat di Rocco
Kat di RoccoCompeting Claims Manager
Kat di Rocco joined Screenrights in 2018 and has a background in information management focusing on cultural collecting institutions.

Kat can assist members in understanding their competing claims and the resolution pathways available to them.

Annabel Holt
Annabel HoltMember Relations Manager
Annabel Holt has worn various hats at Screenrights since her start in 2005 and now works as Member Relations Manager since 2012.

Annabel has a sound understanding of the Australian screen industry and a forte in managing member portfolios. Speak to Annabel regarding your registrations and competing claim queries.

Mona Forghani
Mona ForghaniParalegal
Mona Forghani joined the Screenrights team in 2014 and has worked in various roles including as the Competing Claims Manager. Mona has now joined the legal team at Screenrights as a paralegal.

Mona assists the Resolution team in-house with its internal determinations and applications of policy.

Marie Foyle
Marie FoyleGeneral Counsel
Marie Foyle has served as Screenrights’ General Counsel since 2013. She comes from a strong background in entertainment and intellectual property law, with experience in both Australia and abroad.

Marie guides the Resolution team in its development and application of resolution policies, and reviews all internal decisions made by the team.


The Resolution Institute

Where a member has requested that an independent organisation appoint an independent expert to make a decision, or in circumstances where Screenrights elects for a decision it is called upon to make to be deferred to an independent expert, the Resolution Team seeks the services of Resolution Institute to arrange for an appropriate expert.

All nominations provided by Resolution Institute are revealed to the members involved in the independent expert determination, should any concerns arise regarding potential conflicts of interests.