We’re all for accountability and transparency, so Screenrights is happy to offer members an independent expert review of any competing claims decisions we make.
James Dickinson, Chief Executive of Screenrights

How does independent expert referral work?

If we have made a decision under any of the competing claim procedures that you disagree with you can request that our decision be reviewed by an independent expert. We’ll pay the cost of sourcing the independent expert and for their time.

You need to make this request within five (5) working days of being notified of our decision.

Download and read the full policy here.

Who is the independent expert?

The expert is appointed by an organisation that is independent of Screenrights. We often work with the Resolution Institute. The independent organisation will nominate an appropriate expert.

All nominations provided by independent organisation are revealed to the members involved in the independent expert determination, should any concerns arise regarding potential conflicts of interests.

We can also refer a decision to an independent expert

We may elect not to make a decision ourselves and at our own cost send the decision to be made by an independent expert appointed by an independent organisation, such as Resolution Institute.  When this happens the decision is no longer considered to be an internal decision under the competing claim procedures.

The types of circumstances where we may refer a decision to an expert include:

  • Where the matter is complex;
  • Where we do not have the internal resources available to make the decision; and
  • Where we are of the view that taking into consideration the interests of all concerned, it would be preferable for the decision to be made externally.

Download and read the full policy here.

Published Decisions

We publish a summary of decisions made by independent experts to assist members to self-manage competing claims wherever possible without the costs and time involved in using an external decision maker. Reviewing the outcomes of previous decisions may help inform how to proceed with your competing claim. Please refer to the Member Request for Independent Expert Decision policy to read about any costs associated with seeking an Independent Expert decision on a competing claim.

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