Amending your registration

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Withdrawal of claim

Use this form to completely withdraw your claim to royalties for a program. By withdrawing your claim you are confirming with Screenrights that you have never had any claim to royalties for the program.
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Variation of Claim

Use this form to change the details of your claim to royalties. This can include withdrawing your claim to some but not all royalties, specifying a limited period of time for which your claim applies and/or varying the percentage of your claim.

Sharing Royalties

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Mutual Agreement To Share Royalties

Use this form to advise Screenrights of a mutual agreement between the parties to share royalties that are about to expire.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Competing Claim Resolution Cover Form – Medium Value

Use this form as the cover sheet to an Alternative Dispute Resolution application for medium value competing claims.
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Competing Claim Resolution Cover Form – High Value

Use this form as the cover sheet to an Alternative Dispute Resolution application for high value competing claims.

Express Resolution Process

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Express Resolution Evidence Submission Form

Use this form as the cover sheet to submissions made under the Express Resolution Process.

Independent Expert Decision

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Request for Independent Decision

Use this form to make a formal request for an independent decision under the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure.

Information Sheets and Guides


Calendar of key dates for deadline competing claims

A useful reference guide that sets out key dates for royalties that are about to expire.

Deadline Royalties Information Sheet

This information sheet explains deadline royalties, why royalties expire and how this may impact you and the time available to resolve your competing claim.

Standard Contract Clauses

This popular information sheet includes sample clauses that rightsholders can use to clarify who is entitled to Screenrights royalties.
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How to Create a Digital Signature

This infosheet sets out step-by-step instructions to create a digital signature so that you can avoid printing forms to paper.